7th Central Luzon Inter-Agency Visitation to the Ayta ICCs/IPs Abucay, Bataan

Feb 9: The 7th Central Luzon Inter-Agency Visitation to the Ayta ICCs/IPs under CADT No. 004, 196, 005 & 006 in the town of Abucay, Bataan. Specifically at Barangay Bangkal.
5 ADs of Abucay Bataan:
1. Ayta Magbukun, Mariveles and Saysain, Bagac under AD. RO3-MAR-0016-200.
2. Ayta Magbukun, under Unified AD – RIII-BAT-004-AD
3. Ayta Magbukun, Limay under AD – R03-LIM-1215-196
4. Ayta Ambala, Dinalupihan under AD – R03-BAT-005-AD
5. Ayta Ambala, Parapal & Bamban under AD – R03-BAT-006-AD
Present were the Deputy BDE Cmndr 703rd BDE, Bn Cmndr 70IB, PNP Provincial Director, together with other line agencies, Local Officials: Provincial IPMR, City IPMRs, Municipal IPMRs, Tribal Elders/Leaders & IP Youth plus Barangay Officials.
The following Major Burning Issues and concerns from the 5 ADs were discussed with identified ways forward:
1. Squatting of Non-IPs in ADs allegedly permitted by DENR in Abucay. Non-IPs planting coffee permitted by DENR. To schedule meeting w/ DENR & NCIP with the ff agenda:
– DENR to submit all list of NGP
– Identify all areas owned by IPs & no -IPs;
– Identify if inside AD;
– Conduct of FPIC process
– DENR to coordinate w/ Provincial IPMR and investigate on the issue of DENR permit to plan coffee inside the AD by Non-IPs;
2. Non-recognition of AD ownership of the Ayta Magbukun ICCs/IPs by the non-IPs, some LGUs/BLGUs, DENR – Authority of leaders to issue resolutions informing Local Government Units on their rights to ADs to be endorsed by the NCIP;
3. Overlapping of IP CLOA with Non-IP properties. To further coordinate with LGUs concerned and other Agencies. This issue in an on-going coordination for financial assistance with the offices of the Bataan Governor and Bagac Mayor;
4. Some of AD area are for sale and/ or for rent by IPs – NCIP Bataan PO to visit the communities and conduct dialogue with the IP leaders/elders towards strengthening their IPS towards full protection of their rights to ADs. That the Commission has already issued a notice to the public that ADs/ALs are not for sale. For the IPS and the Community to issue Resolution on the Regulation of Entry of Migrants. As well as discuss the possibility of implementing the CALOM and CADLA;
5. No IPMRs selected/seated in Bagac by reason of Leadership Conflict – To facilitate a dialogue or healing and reconciliation between IP Community. To facilitate a zoom meeting for the Central Office to participate;
6. Late FPIC application of NIA on their irrigation project in Brgy. Dangcol. The project was almost 70% completed before approaching NCIP & filing for FPIC process – The NCIP to write NIA with stern warning cease and desist on its operation. To issues Show Cause Order;
7. Non-recognition of the Barangay LGU on the IPs ownership of the AD (pagpapaalis ng Barangay sa mga katutubo) The Barangay captain released a letter declaring that there are no IPs inside – NCIP to write the Offices of the Mayor, Governor as well as the DILG Secretary informing them of the rights of the ICCs/IPs on their ADs and request for their intervention to participate in a dialogue with the barangay captain;
8. IPs do not have benefits from the Eco-tourism in their Ancestral Domain – For clarification & discussion on zoom meeting with Central Office and other concerned agencies;
9. Balanga Mining Corporation – Operating without FPIC – For NCIP to Issue show cause order;
“This activity was aimed to engage the IPs and their partners all over the country in protecting about 1,400 ancestral domains in order to strengthen multi-sectoral approach and collaboration in advocating and protecting their rights, aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the four bundles of rights and 36 specific rights of indigenous cultural communities (ICCs) and Indigenous Peoples (IPs); as well as the 11 building blocks of a resilient, responsive and relevant IPs ancestral domain” said the Chairperson.