Atty. Jerie Ragsac OF NCIP Region 10 responds in the IPHRI Report of the killing of Datu Behar.

Atty. Jerie Ragsac OF NCIP  travelled to Rogongon, Iligan City to immediately respond and validate the IPHRI Report of the killing of Datu Behar.
Based on initial findings, at 6:00AM, while Datu Behar was tending to his chickens at his home in Langcub, Rogongon, a shot was fired at him. While the initial shot missed him, armed men approached his house and herded his family out while they continued shooting at him. Datu Behar was able to flee towards a cliff but more armed men were waiting for him. His family were direct witnesses but were spared.
The Iligan City Police were not able to immediately enter the area because it is a known red area (NPA ground). The body of Datu Behar remained at the site until around 12:00NN and was taken by PNP CDO to Cagayan de Oro for autopsy.
Datu Behar is the Tribal Chieftain of Salingsing, a former CAFGU and allegedly linked with the NPA. He was involved in IP leadership conflict and an Ombudsman case, both were resolved. He was also involved in a Criminal case for attempted murder but was dismissed.