The Ambassador of India in the Philippines, His Excellency Shambhu S. Kumaran, received a set of Project Epanaw’s Three (3) Coffee Table Books (CTBs) and 2020-2021 Annual Accomplishment Reports (AARs) through the NCIP Ethnographic Commissioner for Central Mindanao Bo-i Jennifer Pia “Limpayen” Sibug-Las and Dir. Dahlia Cawed of Foreign Assisted Programs and International Relations Office (FAPIRO).

His Excellency discussed glimpse of Indigenous Peoples in India and let the NCIP Representatives have a taste of their traditional way of drinking Black Tea.

The Ambassador also shared that there are a lot of similarities between India and the Philippines, one example is that both countries have a place named “Kalinga”, others are shared in his article in Philstar:…/yoga-jatakas-and-fragrant…

He is also interested on the Tagbanwa situated in Visayas area as they also have the similar way of writing to Sanskrit.

Since only 7-8% of the Indian population are categorized as IP Group and there are still some that are untouched/isolated. His Excellency is open for a Cultural Exchange between India and the Philippines. The Ambassador might invite NCIP to visit their country.