Health Caravan for Indigenous Peoples

The OECH-HDD actively participated in the Health Caravan for indigenous peoples, which was a collaborative effort among several government agencies, NGOs, and the local community. The inter-agency coordination involved the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Institute of Traditional Health and Alternative Health Care, Philippine Statistics Authority, Philhealth, Local Government Unit, One Top Medical System Resources, and other NGOs. The event took place in Brgy. Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal from May 10-12, 2023.
During the Health Caravan, a total of 8 doctors from various agencies provided their services. The agencies represented were NCIP (1), DOH (1), QMC (2), and BATMC (4), showcasing a collaborative effort to address the healthcare needs of the indigenous communities.
The services provided during the Health Caravan catered specifically to the community’s needs. Here is a breakdown of the number of indigenous peoples (IPs) served on each day:
Day 1:
215 IPs from Nakar
174 IPs from Tanay
Day 2:
46 IPs from Nakar
47 IPs from TANAY
This Health Caravan aimed to bring essential healthcare services closer to the indigenous communities, ensuring their access to quality medical care. The collaboration among government agencies, NGOs, and medical professionals demonstrates a commitment to addressing the unique healthcare challenges faced by indigenous peoples. Such initiatives are crucial in promoting health equity and improving the overall well-being of indigenous communities.