NCIPs’ New Office Building in Kalinga

Kalinga is among the provinces blessed with its own National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) office building.

NCIP Chairperson Allen Capuyan led other government functionaries in the blessing and turn-over of the P35 million-worth NCIP Provincial Office building in Tabuk City, Kalinga.

Other officials who graced the event include Kalinga Congressman Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang, Jennifer Sibug-las, NCIP Commissioner for Central Mindanao, NCIP-CAR Director Marlon Bosantog, Governor Ferdinand B. Tubban, PNP Kalinga Director P/Col. Davy Vicente Limmong, and others.

“Padatong”– A traditional welcome rite for guests and visitors was performed during the inauguration of the NCIP Provincial Office. This is a fitting demonstration of the admired Kalinga hospitality. Padatong is a way of making visitors feel “welcome and at-home” with the cultural communities.

Upon entering the domain (i.e. the provincial office), guests and visitors were invited to do the “losngat or losngit”, a ritual of opening the jar of “basi or bayas”, a traditionally made sugarcane wine and the basket of “inandila” a famous glutinous rice cake in the province.

The woven traditional fabric used to cover the wine and rice cake were given to said guests as tokens.

“Ta-ug” or offering the wine to guests and visitors started with Chairperson Allen Capuyan taking the first sip from a “payong” – a series of bamboo tubes artistically made for drinking bayas during special occasions.