Relatives of Bae Bibyaon Visited the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD) Vice Chancellor together with the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Mission Team (IAHMT)

Bae Bibyaon’s relatives with the help of all concerned government offices personally expressed sincere request to UPD Vice Chancellor to facilitate the reunion of Bae Bibyaon with her relatives.
They all lost their parents making Bae Bibyaon the only living elder in their community. As a culture bearer, she is expected to be with her community and pass/transfer the Indigenous Knowledge, Systems and Practices (IKSP) to the younger generation.
The IAHMT patiently awaits for the official response from the University of the Philippines-Diliman hoping and praying that Save Our Schools (SOS) Network will find within their hearts to grant the request of the relatives who desperately want to see and communicate with their grandmother.
A set of Project Epanaw’s “PAGKILALA”, “PAGGALANG”, and “PAGTAGUYOD” Coffee Table Books (CTBs) was proudly handed to the UPD Vice Chancellor during the visit.