State of the ICCs/IPs Address (SIIPA), NCIP Strategic Framework (11BBs/3Rs), and 13 Drivers for Nation-Building

The NCIP Chairperson Allen A. Capuyan presented the State of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples Address (SIIPA) during the IP Summit. It highlights the long and challenging journey of the Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines. The NCIP Chairperson mentioned that for the last 25 years, NCIP has shared that journey with the ICCs/IPs, through the legal mandates accorded by the 1987 Constitution and the enabling law passed in 1997, the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act or IPRA.
Chairperson Capuyan also shared the NCIP’s strategic direction embodied in the 11 Building Blocks of Resilient, Responsive, and Relevant ICCs/IPs. These 11 Building Blocks serve as guideposts for ICCs/IPs in their collective journey towards the fulfillment of their rights as guaranteed by IPRA and under their shared aspiration for inclusive peace and sustainable development.
Chairperson Capuyan further emphasized the economic direction set forth by President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., because it is high time to capacitate the ICCs/IPs and the ancestral domains to become resilient, responsive, and relevant partners of both the public-private sector. With this in mind, the NCIP identified the 13 economic drivers as viable support to nation-building so that ICCs/IPs may propel toward holistic, inclusive, and sustainable development.
AFPCOC, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City
16 November 2022